1. I give you: Evil Sooper

  2. Erinyes (Ἐρῑνύες - literally “avengers of perjury”) - Also known as Furies, they were three female deities (sisters) of vengeance; A formulaic oath in the Iliad invokes them as “those who beneath the earth punish whosoever has sworn a false oath”. They are: Alecto (Ἀληκτώ - “the implacable or unceasing anger”), Megaera (Μέγαιρα - “the jealous one”), and Tisiphone (Τισιφόνη - “avenging murder”).


  3. Fausto,

    um brinde a você, responsável pela maior parte das minhas gargalhadas (daquelas de doer o estômago) quando eu era moleque.

    Fica em paz. 
  4. Rainha das Copas

    Rainha das Copas is a play on words, in portuguese. In english, the suit of hearts translates to copas. Hearts = Copas. At the same time, the portuguese word Copa, also means Cup (as in World Cup).

    So ‘A Rainha das Copas' would mean 'The Queen of Cups”. A bit of a joke on the fact that brazil's hosting the confederations cup and the world cup (not to mention the olympics in 2016) and the country is going through intense turmoil, constant protests and overall dissatisfaction with the government.
    One of the issues is the exorbitant amount of money spent on building new structures for these events, wich, to this date, amounts to almost 30 billion Reais, which is the cost of the last 3 world cups combined. :(
    Besides, we just got our asses dully kicked by Germany, showing the true state of quality and emotion of our federation, government and squad.
    See ya in 2018. Peace. :)
  5. Just a reminder of what Fênomeno did in 2002. Revisiting an oldie for good luck in the match. May it be epic! Peace.

  6. Long live Biggie. All hail the illest!


    "Yeah, this album is dedicated

    To all the teachers that told me I’d never amount to nothing

    To all the people that lived above the buildings that I was hustling in front of, that called the police on me

    When I was just trying to make some money to feed my daughter

    And all the niggas in the struggle.” - Biggie. - Juicy | Ready to Die

  7. Chi

  8. Simbi | b.k.a. Little Simz #space

    According to Kongo spirituality, Simbi is the collective name for a very diverse group of ancient ancestral spirits, who live in a vast sea, an ocean of fluid that spirits traverse in their move between heaven and earth. In the Kongo belief system, all Simbi are associated with water. They are the source of special  blessings but are known to be somewhat unpredictable. Simbi is also a lwa of  communication. Things regarding communication which move at the speed of light are in Simbi’s domain (such as nerve impulses, Internet,  electricity.) Simbi is associated with crossroads and his/her veve encompasses the equal-armed cross.

    Peace. Space.

  9. Spit

  10. Live Fast, Die Young - Amy [Wood Engraved] Cruiser Skate Deck